The main protagonist in the fanmade novel Shi musō-ka .(Unfinished, so please do not make any bad comments on this, but maybe a few pointers)

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While growing up Yushiro was always very outgoing and interactive others, usually spending his time practicing martial arts and sword play. Until the age of seven he had a dream which he wouldn't remember as he woke up, since that day Yushiro has changed. He started avoiding people for no apparent reason in which he does not know himself, but feels it is something he has to do.

He manages to catch the attention of Nadia Ordia, one of the more popular girls at school. One day she requests him for a rematch that they promised when they were younger in Kendo, in which he refuses due to him not remembering. He

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Yushiro is a black haired boy with brown eyes. He usually wears a black shirt and a purple vest. He is described as grey by his friends at school and usually doesn't interact with others as much. Yushiro generally has the figure of an athletic due to his time at the dojo, despite him not being very motivated

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Knives Of Anubis Edit


Knives Of Anubis

These are the first weapons Yoshiro has managed to manifest

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Yushiro is generally an average martial artist and Kendo master. When he is in combat however he has an unmatched reaction speed that allows him to beat skilled fighters stronger then him.

Enhanced genes Edit

Yushiro has genes that allow him to get stronger a lot quicker then most people, but with his lack of motivation it is a waste of talent although he is usually stronger then most people at his age.

Observation skills Edit

Yushiro has a great sense of whats around him and is able to spot even the tiniest difference in, movement balance, power and battle style. Along with his unmatched reaction speed, he can react quickly to sneak attacks and able to slightly predict his opponents moves. It also alows him to solve puzzles

Manifestor Edit

Able to Manifest a weapon containing his strongest emotion. Unlike most though, his weapon consists of three forms.