Shinigami, otherwise known as Shin for short, is a fanmade character from the 'Soul Eater' series created by MCN51FJ. Shin is a death god and the youngest born, who desires to eliminate the reaper Death. He is the most powerful meister in the world and his demon weapon partner is Heart Taker Rivers.


Shinigami, unlike most other death gods, has the physical appearance of a human boy. He has long black ruffled hair reaching down his waist, two strands of his hair is silver and has about two emerald-like spheres attached to the near bottom part his hair. He has white colored eyes with two line markings under each, fairly tanned skin and an average physique. His casual attire consists of a black stitched and tattered short sleeve shirt, baggy tattered pants and cloth shoes.

His soul was never seen, but according to Heart his soul is powerful and almost as big as a continent.


Shin has a bold, stern and straightfoward persona. He hardly tolerates anything annoying or stupid. Because he lives in a rotting world Shin has never found happiness or anything fun to do. He holds a particular hatred or grudge against Death because he fully blames him for technically destroying his people and his world by doing there job which was to take away life. In other words Shin is basically the original grim reaper and resents anyone who calls themselves a grim reaper. Shin will even go as far as to kill Death, since Death is weaker by comparison. He is usually withdrawn from everyone around him, seldom shows emotions and seldom smiles, but starts to change the longer he stays with his weapon partner Heart, who is filled with positive emotions. He is willing put aside his vedetta to help his friends.

Abilities & PowersEdit