Nardia is a classroom mate of Yushiro also a 3rd year high scool student. She is a kind gentle person and is attracted to Yushiro for whatever reason she does not know. She remembers Yushiro from her childhood Kendo club before he quit, even if he did not remember her, and has a goal in beating him.

History Edit


bamboo sword

Being the best in Kendo was not all that fun with Nadia as she continuously got bored beating eve ryone. Until Yushiro showed up and was the first one to beat her. Amazed they  got along reasonably well, but due to Yushiro moving houses he had to quit the Kendo club leaving Nardia to try harder in everything she does in order to see him again.

Appearance Edit

Nadia is an Asian girl with long black hair. She has green eyes and is considered one of the most popular students in the school due to her looks and grades. Nadia has a kind personality and is willing to help other people in need.

Storyline Edit

Abilities Edit

Sword play Edit

Nardia is an expert in Kendo and even went beyond to create her own sword style Yoru no shēdo (Night Shade) She has accomplished being on the top of the nationals due to her skil.

Archery Edit

Although it is not very well known, Nardia has a great sense of accuracy in archery, but due to her being persistent in Kendo she quit after a year. Her bow was handed down to her by her deceased father.

Nardia's bow

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