Mitani Aiko (愛子三谷,Aiko Mitani) Is an OC from anime Hyouka,She is also a Fanloid . For a fanloid,she debuted around December 30, 2014. Her given name,Aiko/愛子 means "Girl of Love" or "Affectionate girl".

Design Edit

As a character, she is a short girl with Hime styled long blond hair. She usually wears a dark blue seifuku dress with white twinties,white short socks,and brown shoes. She also have a brown eyes.

Personality Edit

A Calm,Creative,and Gentle girl. Aiko likes to sing. Aiko portrayed as the innocent,shy,outgoing,and quiet type. She known to be a peaceful,friendly,kind,and feminine girl. She also have a gold heart. She is a kind-hearted girl and doesn't like to hurt people. There is a fact that she is also heart warming and a moe character. She likes to draw and coloring it. She is very mature,friendly,and patient. She never been in a bad mood. Aiko has a very poor health. Her body is rather weak and gets strained easily. She always speaks softly. She is known to be Air-headed and sweet hearted girl who likes to do house chores such as cleaning,cooking,etc.

Biography Edit

A Vocaloid/OC derivative character, but notable in that her songs were actually sung by a real person and modified to sound like synthesized vocals, so they were similar in sound to a Vocaloid. Since the artist for Aiko apparently recorded out of her bedroom.


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