Liabera Spritus or simply Lia for short, is a fanmade character from the 'Soul Eater' series created by MCN51FJ. She is a sprite or a fairy, but the size of human girl and is powerful meister. Her demon weapon partner is Mind Listener Murray.


Lia has short brunette hair and magenta eyes. In her first appearance she wore a simple schoolgirl's outfit that looks almost identical to that of Maka's, she also wears perscription glasses, a small red vest and a small black bow on the side of her hair. Later when she reveals her true form she wears a new outfit, she now wears a toga-like wrap, black stockings, shoes and her hair has turned from brunette to white and has pink and blue highlights with two to three tiny pigtails. She no longer wears her glasses. As a sprite Lia possesses fairy-like wings which are mostly hidden walking.

Her soul is lavender with fairy wings.


Lia is sweet, caring, energetic, a breath of fresh air. She is highly intelligent and resourceful and refuses to give up on a mission or task. She often searches for attention and acceptance from other since she is considered as an outcast among her people, the fairies. Lia became lonely and saddened by her peoples' views on her, until she met Mind who thought she was fascinating and cute which then made her regain happiness and acceptance. When she revealed her true form, Lia's personality begins to change as she becomes more serious and less tolerant to anyone who disobeys her like Liz, who she finds completely annoying. She still retains her caring sweetness and affection for family and friends.

Abilities & PowersEdit