Hani Kamizuru, created by MCN51FJ, is a fanmade character from the 'Naruto' series. She is a Chunin-level kunoichi of Konohagakure, a member of Team 6 and is Ohnoki's, the Third Tsuchikage, pupil. The Kamizuru clan was originally from Iwagakure.



Hani is a high-spirited girl. She seems to be happy-go-lucky, but is also an airhead and speaks to many others with a childish and naive tone. When it comes to friends and family Hani never takes any situation seriously and often believes that certain missions and fights are all fun and games. Other ninja find this annoying, but cute and endearing. Even when she fights Kaede, Hani failed to realize that she was in a real fight.

Despite her cute exterior, Hani is said to possess a cold, "Queen Bee" personality when her emotions start to rise. She immediately loses her child-like persona once she encounters an enemy ninja and becomes a cold-blooded fighter and, if pushed far enough, becomes a killer. She loses control when she fights and will not stop until her opponents are either unconcious or dead.

Hani has a huge childish crush on Naruto and shows it openly, she often clings onto his arm and would ask him on dates, though she is unsuccessful or interupted.



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