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Welcome to the Fan Made Anime Characters WikiEdit

Hello and welcome. This wiki is all about original or fan made characters from different anime and manga series. You can talk about characters you created, state which existing anime or manga series they were created for and their biographies.

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Latest activityEdit

  • edit Tutankhamun X
    edited by Egodfrey72 diff
  • edit Tutankhamun X
    edited by Egodfrey72 diff
    Added photo:
  • edit Kagerou Saikouji
    edited by Hinamorihimeka diff
  • new page Kagerou Saikouji
    created by Hinamorihimeka
    New page: Kagerou Saikouji ( 西紅寺 影郎, Saikouji Kagerou) is a fanloid, who, is also an anime OC. Now she is the first Vocanime (Vocaloid Anime), A person who is...
  • discussion page User talk:Raporpoke987
    edited by Egodfrey72 diff

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  • discussion page Talk:Tutankhamun X
    new comment by Egodfrey72
    Comment: Hey; I see that you left a message on my talk page about novel ideas, so maybe we could work on a series about Tutankhamun X maybe, if you're...
  • edit Kuro Hart
    edited by A Wikia contributor diff
  • new page Kuro Hart
    created by Datwikiguy
    New page: Box title No Title Row 1 title No Title No Title No information No information No information ...
  • new page Nicolas
    created by SuperstarNicolas127
    New page: Nicolas is a fan-character by Nicolas Mejia since the year 2013, & is the main character and protagonist of the series Super Nicolas. Nicolas serv
    Added photo:

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  • edit Tutankhamun X
    edited by Egodfrey72 diff
    Summary: Updated Tut's origin; no longer a clone, but the resurrected boy king himself!

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