Dai Yomi, or Dai Yumi created by MCN51FJ, is a fanmade character from the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series. He is a kind spirited and pure hearted child. An expert at games especially Duel Monsters.

Dai possesses the Millennium Star, which allows his body to bear host to one of the spirits of the Star, Yami Dai or Hyo. Though at first unaware of the spirit's existence and control of Dai's body would involuntarily shift to Hyo, only when Dai is about to duel or when he and his friends are wronged.

He lives with his grandmother, Serena Yomi, his father and now his adopted sister, Annie.

Dai is a part of a group of close friends: Yugi Muto(his childhood best friend), Flora Tsuchi, Ryan Hicaro, Mimi Suiumi, Skye Kumora, Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardener, Tristan Taylor, Ryo Bakura, and at times Mokuba Kaiba. They often cheer him on when he is dueling and Yugi, Flora, Ryan, Mimi, Skye and Joey all duel by his side. Dai and Yugi have been best friends since they were children and often treat each other like brothers.


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